Pay As You Go Phone Plan – Conference Call

  • Rates starting at 1¢ per minute

    We provides all the features you’re looking for in a conferencing service. Settings can be customized for each conference bridge and modified during live conference calls using a Keypad Command or the Host Control Panel. Bridge “owners” can manage their assigned bridges while account administrators have access to all bridges in the account.

    More Ways to Connect

    • 200+ Local USA Dial-in Numbers
    • 100+ International Dial-in Numbers
    • WebCall (via computer)
    • Access from Skype
    • Direct Internet Access (using SIP)
    • Dial-Out to Participant


    Easy & Effortless

    • Reservationless (Always Available, No Scheduling)
    • High Capacity for Every Call (300 Participants or More)
    • No Host Required
    • Multiple Hosts Supported
    • Same Dial-In Numbers and Codes for Every Call (unless you change them)


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